XC Guiding Holidays

All inclusive Guiding for Experienced & Low airtime Pilots


Our guiding holiday takes place in my home town of Algodonales.

Having been resident of 7 years I will show you all this flying meca has to offer.

Whether you’re a mile munching XC guru, or a low airtime post-CP pilot, we will accommodate you accordingly. Getting you to the right site on the right day to maximize your airtime.

So grab your flying buddies & let’s go!  Big discounts on group bookings!

What’s included in the week?

  • 6 Days flying/Guiding– (Saturdays are transit days, the rest is flytime).
  • Launch, Landing & Flight Planning Briefings– Safety being our priority, we eliminate the new site ‘wobble’.
  • Thermal training– A Qualified BHPA Instructor will encourage progression at your pace..with just enough icing on top (bring 2mtr radio,vario).
  • Pilot Progression Plan– We will outline your goals/expectations for the week ahead, ensuring you go home a happy bunny, with big progression & flying hrs.
  • Transport & Retrieves– Airport shuttles, rides to launch & wherever you may land. Stopping for lunch at our favorite haunts in between as requested.
  • Accomodation– Our ‘Paragliders Pad’ is situated in the heart of Algodonales, a stone’s throw from the town’s super cheap bars & restaurants. Yes you get your own room as standard.
  • Small group sizes– We take a maximum of 4 people per course. Our philosophy is quality not quantity, ensuring a safer more personal experience for our clients.

Why Pick Flyniall for my guided holiday?

We understand that the client has choice when picking a Guiding or Training holiday in Algodonales, which is why we go that extra mile, tailoring your Flyniall experience to match your end goal. First assessing your level to create a structured progression programme for the week ahead. We are driven by closing the gap between post-C.P pilot & safe autonomous confident pilot. We are passionate & love what we do, teaching in a fun environment while getting to put massive smiles on faces.

We’re dedicated to helping you become the pilot you most want to be! Check what our clients have to say:

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No More than Four

Our no more than four Policy ensures you’re in the right place.

According to research, lower student-teacher ratios ultimately create a positive ripple effect:

  • promoting a more positive and tailored teaching approach
  • students feel more comfortable asking questions and seeking the help they need during small classes
  • contributing to an overall school culture of personalization and success
  • teachers feel more effective and confident in addressing student’s needs


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