Pilot development & XC guiding

BHPA Chief Flying Instructor.

21 years of flying experience.

10 yrs flying commercial tandems in Nepal.

6 yrs full time BHPA Instructor at europe’s busiest school.

Pilotage & S.I.V Instructor.

Pilot Development Course

Pilot Development Courses. This philosophy hits the balance between receiving a tailored teaching approach & encouraging interactive learning between pilots.

The course is structured for your specific needs using modern best practices following a mixture of the BHPA’s Pilot Development Structure and the pilot/advanced pilot rating scheme.

1-2-1 Pilot Development Course

One-to-one tutoring offers a unique learning experience that coaches the individual and encourages learning at the student’s own pace. This learning environment provides a secure and positive workspace without multiple distractions; self-focused education that boosts confidence, helping you get back your flying game.


This course is structured for your specific needs, using modern best practices, following a mixture of the BHPA’s Pilot Development Structure and the pilot/advanced pilot rating scheme. It also includes an instructional tandem flight on request.

Pilot Development Structure (PDS)

It is completely up to you whether you wish to follow the BHPA’s Pilot Development Scheme – we think it’s a great idea!

It is well known that pilots make safer, more efficient progress when they are given specific tasks to undertake. Having small, bite-sized, attainable goals focuses the mind, giving structured learning & ultimately reducing flying related incidents and promoting safe flying.

How does the PDS work?

There are three layers to the PDS: Foundation, Development and Performance. Within each layer are a series of modules that deal with a specific aspect of the sport e.g. glider control, meteorology, equipment, flight planning. Each module contains a series of exercises to help you gain proficiency in the appropriate skills and acquire the appropriate knowledge, before moving to the next layer.

The BHPA website contains further information on the Pilot Development Scheme and is a wealth of information for everything hang gliding and paragliding.

BHPA membership

You will need to be an active flying member of the BHPA to join us on our courses.

You can join the BHPA here:

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BHPA Elementary & Club Pilot Courses

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