Who are we?

This isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life.

Our Mission

Flyniall was formed to provide personal bespoke paragliding guiding & tuition to the highest possible standards using current best practices.

I will ensure you progress confidently with the utmost safety to reach your desired goals. No matter how long it takes!

This isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life.

Niall Harvey – BHPA Chief Flying Instructor

Your Instructor & Guide

Niall Harvey has been flying paragliders nearly half of his life.

Niall qualified in 2001. Learning to fly in Jersey, he sought bigger adventures and progression.

In 2003, a 6 month flying holiday in Nepal introduced him to thermal flying and them there big mountains. He completed his first S.I.V later that year and fell in love with the more dynamic aspect of paragliding. Attending many an S.I.V until his instructor David Arrufat taught him to be autonomous with his training (probably to see the back of him).

Niall immersed himself in flying – the stunning Himalayan backdrop turned out to be the perfect location for XC and Acro progression. A never-ending playground of landscapes to explore.

He would return to Jersey every 6 months for a number of years, working as an electrical engineer, constantly longing to get back to the people and skies of Nepal. Escaping British winters, his Nepali migration fed his addiction to paragliding.

Discontent with a normal 9-to-5, Niall moved permanently to Nepal in 2006, changing paths to become a full-time tandem pilot. He spent the next 10 years showing trekkers and tourists alike the beautiful world within the clouds.

In 2014, he moved to the south of Spain to train as a BHPA Instructor in Europe’s busiest school. 7 years on, he has taught hundreds of BHPA E.P and C.P courses, as well as guiding qualified pilot groups and 1-2-1 tuition. Niall regularly runs S.I.V courses in Turkey.

Flyniall is Born

The pandemic gave us all something to think about. One day we were out teaching students on a busy hill, and that very same night we were told to go home and stay indoors until further notice.

We had no idea how long it would take for things to come back to “some kind of normal”, and for me, they never did. In some ways, the lockdown period was a blessing for me as it provided the kick I needed to stop working for someone else and start out on my own.

Which brings us to now. Flyniall is who we are, teaching this wonderful world of paragliding to whoever wants to learn. Guiding and sharing knowledge & experience, with many a smile along the way. Best wishes – Niall Harvey

Your XC Guiding Ninja

If you’re serious about stepping up your XC game, it’s time you met MARCUS.


Marcus entered the world of flight as a sailplane pilot for over 10 years and holds a World Champion ranking in the world of RC dynamic soaring. Safe to say his aeronautical and meteorological knowledge is second to none. A Swiss paragliding pilot & tandem pilot of more than 25 years, Marcus is still as hungry as the day he first flew. If its flyable he will be flying, Marcus knows all the tricks to make Algo’s landscape deliver an epic flight, in every weather condition.


Reared in the Swiss alps, now let loose in Algodonales, Marcus will help you beat your personal best and gain invaluable knowledge in XC flying.


Niall’s right hand man!

If you’ve met Winston and didn’t like him then this probably isn’t the website for you! This little dusty guy is there to provide unconditional love , cuddles & attention when needed . Don’t be fooled by his strong physique he’s a lover at heart & will speak fluent mandarin if there’s chicken in your sandwich.